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Simpson & Co. Ltd.

Simpsons is perhaps one of the oldest business establishments in the country, with origins dating back to 1840. From 1840 to 1950 it pioneered the building of coaches and carriages, ornate railway coaches, motorcars, steam passenger buses and public service vehicles in India. Revival Engineers is the foremost Authorised dealers in Mumbai.

Simpsons became synonymous with diesel power when it ushered in engine technology into India in 1951 through a Sales & Distribution Agreement with Perkins of U.K. Simpsons was the first Indian company to indigenously manufacture diesel engines for surface transport vehicles. Today it is India's leading manufacturer of high performance diesel engines catering to a wide variety of applications ranging from 15 to 95 BHP covering agriculture, industrial, power generation and marine applications.

  • Simpsons Engines (15 to 95 BHP range) are Direct Injection
  • 2, 3 and 4 cylinder engines for variety of applications

TVS Tyres

TVS Srichakra Ltd is one of India's leading two- and three -wheeler tyre manufacturer rolling out more than 26 million tyres annually & are recognised as a large manufacturer of industrial pneumatic tyres, flotation, motorgrader, farm & implement tyres, skid steer tyres, multipurpose tyres and vintage tyres.Revival Is the Authorised Dealers for TVS tyres in Mumbai.

There are various types of forklift tyres but the most common are solid or pneumatic. Each tyre has a different tread, compound and ply rating which help to ensure the tyre used will best suit the application. By keeping your forklift tyres in good shape, you will reduce the stress and wear on the transmission as well as the forklift driver.

Consider the conditions the forklift will be working in and how regularly it will be used. If the forklift is going to run over rough and damaging areas, get a thicker tyre (pneumatic tyre). Solid rubber tyres (or Puncture Proof as they are otherwise known) are now the most commonly used, and are predominately used on even surfaces and are good inside. Polyurethane tyres are used solely indoors.

We have used for years and recommend TVS Solid Tyres.
Industrial Solid Tyres 6.50 x10 , 7.00 x 12
TVS Forklift Solid Tires

Learning on Forklift Tyres / Tires :

The following tyres exist in the market today :

  • Cushion tyres* - A press on tyre that is made with a metal band and a rubber attached to it. Used only on smooth pavements and warehouses with concrete flooring where space may be an issue as cushion tyres have a turning radius that is smaller than pneumatic tyres.
  • Solid tyres/Puncture Proof* - Today the most common tyre. They are the same as pneumatic, however not filled with air therefore they don’t provide a cushioning effect. They do not puncture or go flat and are long lasting. Excellent for indoor use or light outdoor use, but not for rough outdoor or uneven surfaces.
  • Pneumatic tyres* - Similar to truck tyres, filled with air, thick, deep tread, strong wear-resistant rubber. They extend the running life of a forklift by providing a cushion effect between the forklift and the ground. For use on uneven and rough surfaces.
  • Polyurethane wheels* - Generally used for indoor forklifts. They are normally pressed onto the wheel (easiest way to put on a tyre). They have an adequate level of traction for indoors and possess a ‘small rolling resistance’ that extends their running life. This tyre is generally found on indoor forklifts such as reach trucks and walkie stackers.
  • Non-marking tyres* – Non-marking tyres are solids but specifically designed to prevent black marks on floors. Grocery and food processing factories are required to use them. The main drawbacks of non-marking tyres are that the carbon black is removed from them, which consequently shortens the life span of the tyre.
  • Foam Fill* – These tyres are filled with a special resin that provides constant pressure in the tyre whilst preventing punctures. They are designed to be like air tyres in the sense of providing a cushioning effect to the forklift without the risk of getting punctures.


Lucas TVS was established in 1962 as Joint Venture between Lucas Plc. UK and TVS Group, India. Lucas started operations in India from 1930 as Lucas Indian Service for providing warranty and aftersales service to many of the imported vehicles which carried Lucas parts. Revival Engineers the Authorised Dealers for Navi Mumbai for Forklift Starters, Alternator, Dynamos, wires and Lights, providing complete system solutions in Auto Electricals, Stop - Start systems, Engine Cooling modules, Ignition products, Diesel Fuel Injection systems etc.

Lucas TVS develops and integrates their products in the vehicles and equipment, from the design stage onwards and carries out application engineering, development, manufacturing and service. Revival team supports with ready available Spares and Service for Lucas Forklift Products.

Lucas TVS Filter is well accepted as one of the best and reputed brands in the market today. In 2009, the company launched this product into the market to cater to the stringent quality requirements of the Indian Automotive industry and for some of the overseas aftermarket applications. Forklift Filters are ready available at Revival House Taloja.

With the excellent After-Sales Service, Lucas TVS Filter has emerged as one of the most successful brands in India today to cater to the market with a range of filters for engine oil, fuel, air, hydraulic oil, power steering oil and bypass oil applications.

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