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Each and every one of the service technicians at Revival House are experienced and are true forklift truck experts.

  • Our technicians have,years’ experience working with forklift trucks.
  • As a business we regularly invest in training for all our technicians to ensure they are up to date on latest technical and software developments.
  • We offer comprehensive breakdown support, typically on site within hours of receiving the call.
  • We hold fast moving part items for a wide range of manufacturers in our parts department.
  • We have a dedicated ‘technical and parts information library’ ensuring our technicians have access to all information required to remedy any faults.
  • The combination of all these factors ensures a ‘first-fix’ percentage that consistently exceeds 90% in our quarterly audits.


Forklift trucks are not like cars in that, as long as they are well maintained, there is no reason why they may not continue in use for many, many years. A forklift truck that has been expertly overhauled by our technicians in our dedicated workshop therefore provides an excellent way of renewing your forklift truck that is to ‘as new’ standard, at a fraction of the cost.

Typically an overhauled forklift truck costs half the price of a new machine, and comes with a minimum of 6 months’ warranty.

  • A factory overhauled forklift truck involves a complete strip of the machine to its chassis to permit complete inspection of truck components.
  • The chassis is cleaned and welds inspected for structural strength.
  • Sub-assemblies are either rebuilt or replaced as required, and individually bench tested, incorporating safety and improvement modifications as required.
  • If required, a replacement traction battery is fitted, and the charger tested. The chain is tested, and the relevant chain test certificate issued.
  • The forklift truck can be re-sprayed in original colour or in customers fleet colour with logo if required.

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